Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Hey there loyal readers. If you've been hoping for news of White Pony then I can offer you an exciting tidbit; I've completed new pages. They will be posted soon once Nathan and I have had a chance to put our heads together and come up with a satisfying end to our current story arc.

We have been a bit lackadaisical with our approach to our webcomic but I wanted to get back on top of it; at least I hope to arrive at the point where I could satisfy my portion of the story and make ready to hand the baton to a worthy successor, should the epic tale continue.

I've also started a NEW BLOG (featuring many older posts from this blog) that is more specifically geared to my individual artistic pursuits. Nathan and I will still be posting here on occasion but the news will concern our mutual projects and all things Melee. If you want the buzz on Ben Dewey please visit me at Dewey Draws!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thor Brings The Thunder

I've been working on getting some Marvel Sample Pages; I get to practice cleaning things up a bit. My typical penciling can be a bit smudgy and with the help of the 'Paper mate tuff stuff eraser stick' I have been able to edit and clean as I go! My friend/ studiomate Natalie Nourigat showed me this fine addition to my arsenal and I owe her big time. I recommend it to those of you out there who get tangled up in construction lines.

Marvel Avengers Super Heroes page one at a middle stage

Here is a Thor Montage I had started back when Periscope was putting up images of the thunder God on our Tumblr for the ongoing studio-wide sketch challenge. I still have a Mario, a Mad Men and a few tid-bits here and there left to share. Check back with me here and let me know what you think.

See if you can name all of Thor's friends and rivals without looking it up on wikipedia!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Star Wars Sketchcard Frenzy!

I got a request from a reader to do a few star wars sketch cards. He sent along a few cards; one had a promo piece I had done already printed on it along with my name and title. Now that I'm done with My Work for Dark Horse I have a little time to catch up on little things like this:

Approx. 3 X 7 inches; ink on cardstock

Approx. 4 X 2.5 inches; ink and gray marker on cardstock

If you want a sketch card like this you can send a crisp 20 dollar bill and a self addressed stamped envelope to Periscope Studio Care of Ben Dewey! You can also look for my Star Wars Digest title "Strange Allies" coming December 6th (mark your calendars!) to your local comics retailer. You can also pre-order online