Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hero Initiative: Josie Rocks!

Hello all. Yesterday Jeff Parker asked me to draw a character from the world of Archie Comics as a variant cover for the Hero Initiative. The H.I. is an organization that gives grants to (generally older) cartoonists that are going through rough times. I don't know much about all those archie characters or stories but I love to draw guitars as a result of the enjoyment I get from playing them. I was looking up drawings of Josie and company and they never got the instruments right. My friend Ben Bates suggested that I 'show them how it is done' or something to that effect. Thus I drew this:

Maybe The Pussycats have specific gear and I've gotten it wrong but I think that a flying v looks cool in any circumstance and it would be a nice upgrade for Josie. Val has a sweet Jazz Bass and I drew a nice full kit for Melody. In any case tell your friends about the Hero initiative, this blog and read OUR COMIC if you please

This should be up on the HERO INITIATIVE EBAY AUCTION PAGE at some point and if you like the ladies I rendered or you know a rich guy who does tell them to give big money for it so that some old cartoonist can get surgery for his cataracts.

On another front I'm currently obsessed with this AMAZING REVIEW of Star Wars Episode I: the Phantom Menace. I don't really consider it actual starwars (or any of the subsequent movies.) I consider it to be fan fiction with a ludicrous budget. This reviewer nails it but he also throws in a ridiculous and awful subplot during the review wherein he is cast as a psycho. That part could be eschewed entirely but the rest of it is gold.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Thumbnails and Reference

Here are the latest thumbs. One thing I forgot to mention last post is that for certain things in the comic I like to assemble a sheet of reference to use in constructing the images.

In the case of page 97 I wanted some actual wolves while I was drawing the fire wolf.

Here is the final frame. It isn't a direct swipe which would be lame but more borrowing bit from the pictures that lend a bit of believable realism.

PS check out AXE COP if you haven't yet.